Money money money

I’ve researched every way to make a few extra bucks without committing to a part-time job.  Feel free to share your own experiences and referral codes in the comments!


There are so many websites to earn cash back on items you are already buying.  Before making a purchase, always check to see who is offering the highest percentage back.  I do a lot of online shopping, and for me the most reliable have been Ebates and Giving Assistant.

Ebates  – Couldn’t be more straight forward.  Go to, search the store you want to shop from and click the link.  The stores webpage will open and that’s it.  Place your order and within minutes you’ll have an e-mail telling you you’ve earned cash back!  They send out your “Big Fat Check” on Feb 15, May 15, July 15, and October 15 with whatever you’ve accumulated.  As of this typing I’ve gotten back over $900! (Including $124 from a Groupon Getaway!!)  Also, their referral program changes slightly from time to to, but they are always offering something for referring people.  As of this writing I believe you’ll get $10 for using my referral link!  ( )

GivingAssistant – is similar in set-up to Ebates but there are a few differences.  The biggest is that you have the option to donate some of your earnings to a charity of your choosing, but are in no way pressured or should feel obligated to do so.  Another difference is they send your money to paypal as it becomes available, which means your balance is always changing.  It also takes much longer to show in your account, but I haven’t had any missing transactions yet.  I’ve earned about $75 so far with them.  I believe we each get $5 if you use my referral link to sign up!                                        My link – ( )




MintVine – My friend referred me to this and I’m so glad she did, I have never seen it listed on any of the sites I’ve searched and it has probably been the easiest, most straight-forward survey site I use!  Even if you don’t qualify for a survey they usually give you 5 cents, sometimes they say I’m an Ace and give me 30 cents just for not qualifying!!  Also there is a daily poll worth 5 cents each, and if you answer it for 10 straight days you get a 25 cent bonus.  It’s all quick and easy and it adds up.  I cash out at least twice a month for $10+ and could do more if I needed to.  Taking surveys can be tedious and repetitive, so I take breaks, but it’s nice it’s always there waiting for me!  Also their referral program rocks!  Anyone you refer and signs up and completes a survey, you’ll get 50 cents, plus 15% of ALL of the earnings FOREVER!  I have no referrals yet, but I can imagine this is a nice way to collect some cash!                                                                                                                           My referral link –